You make the difference

Our company is built around you, not the other way around.



We flip the traditional consultancy model upside down, serving as a career builder for exceptional people.

Many make a promise that they will, we actually do it.

What we do

TroniQ is a consultant company specialized on mechatronics and nearby technologies, but here ends the similarities with other consultant companies.

As a part of Qgroup mission, our core is to build expert consultants reputation and skills. During the time that you are visiting us as a consultant, we will provide you with know-how and tools to make your professional goals true. And having a blast during that time. That’s our main goal and purpose, always.

TroniQ is built around our consultants, simply because passion and motivation is the most important driver for reaching excellence.

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Embedded Software Development

Our services

Our consultants at TroniQ have deep skills in at least one of the three areas. They also have good skills in the other areas combined with a high system understanding.

In this way, we can offer specialists who can create added value for our customers through high-quality results from a mechatronics perspective as a whole.


Who we are

TroniQ is a part of Qgroup together with 28 other highly specialized companies. The common denominator is the focus of building our consultants carriers. We do this together where we provide with know-how, the Quest, and relevant and interesting assignments.

Quest is an unique tool for helping people to build their reputation, the most important thing for a consultant. We have all an extensive experience from the consultant business, from being a consultant to building new companies.

So we know what really matters.

Passionate and motivated consultants that create wonders. Making this happening is our passion.

Get in touch

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you find our concept interesting.

Engelbrektsgatan 6, 211 33 Malmö
Östra Hamngatan 31, 411 10 Göteborg       +46 769 45 27 80
You don’t need to be actively searching for new opportunities, we are always happy to get in touch with skilled people. See it as a small investment for the future, if you someday feel like you are stuck and wants to take the next step.
Then we are here for you.
We of course handle all contacts with full confidentiality.